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The Edible Method Of Goji Berry

The Edible Method Of Goji Berry


Goji Berry contains carotene, betaine, vitamin A, vitamin B1. Vitamin B2. Vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, and so on, have the following effect:

1, Nourishing kidney yin, Qi and soothe the nerves, physical fitness, kidney essence, Liver eyesight, lungs and fluid etc..

2, To improve the immune function of the body, it can supplement qi and concentrate the liver, nourish the liver and kidney, resist aging, stop thirst, warm the body and anti tumor effect.

3, reducing blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar, can prevent the atherosclerosis like atherosclerosis, protect the liver, inhibit fatty liver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells.

4, the ancient physicians treating liver blood deficiency and kidney yin deficiency, blurred vision and night blindness caused by deficiency, often use the fruit of Goji berry, famous prescription of Qijudihuang pills, on the main drug medlar. The public also conventional treatment of chronic eye disease medlar, medlar steaming is a simple and effective therapeutic side.

The way and time to eat Goji berry is much more exquisite. So, when is the best to eat Goji berry? How much do you eat every day? The following is available for reference.

1, gout patients eat two Goji berry every day, 50-80 grains each time, every morning and evening to eat each time, the best in the evening before bedtime eat;

2, normal people eat every day, 50-80 grains each time, eat before bedtime;

3, the amount of food to eat in principle, age most eat, age small eat less.

4, You can do it with blisters or chewing. It's better not to cook it.

Warm reminder: after forty years old, we should start eating goji berry. As long as we can ensure that some goji berry can be guaranteed every day, the disease will be greatly reduced, and eating goji berry can prolong life.

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